South Central Oregon
Fire Management Partnership


The South Central Oregon Fire Management Partnership is an interagency fire management program that provides comprehensive wildland fire service to south central Oregon and northwest Nevada.

The partnership strives to achieve a more efficient, effective and integrated interagency fire management program for all participating agencies on the land administered and protected by each agency. Dispatching is performed by the Lakeview Interagency Fire Center (LIFC). Facebook

Mission Statement

The mission for Lakeview Interagency Fire Center (LIFC) is to provide high quality service to all of our partner agencies in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible while providing for firefighter safety at all times. All actions will be consistent with land and resource management objectives and current incident management direction.

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2017 Fire Season Goes Into Effect

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017, 4:23:52 PM PDT
Lakeview, Oregon - Present warming and drying weather conditions have prompted fire officials in Klamath and Lake Counties to declare fire season beginning Monday, June 5, 2017 at 1201 A.M. on lands protected by the Klamath-Lake District, Oregon Department of Forestry. This affects all private, county, and state forest lands, as well as those Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands west of the Gerber Reservoir Area in Klamath County.

"The Visual "green-up" of live vegetation, cooler temperatures and cloudiness with periods of rainy weather this late spring have masked the dry conditions in the wildland fuels," stated Randall Baley, Protection Unit Forester Oregon Department of Forestry. "The current warm and dry weather with even warmer temperatures forecasted going into mid June will dry out the fuels rapidly to warrant starting fire season at this time."

The "Fire Season in effect" declaration puts into place regulations restricting debris burning and timber harvest operations. Wildland and structural fire protection agencies in Klamath County have agreed to prohibit all outdoor debris burning. Forest operations that require a Permit to Operate Power Driven Machinery now are required to have fire tools, on-site water supply, and watchman service on privately owned forest land. Declaring "Fire Season" also prohibits the release of sky lanterns ,the discharge of exploding targets or the discharge of tracer ammunition during this period.

In addition to the "Declaration of Fire Season", ODF and Klamath Resource Area (BLM) will be placing the Klamath River Canyon area from the Keno Dam, downstream to the Oregon/California border in a Regulated Closure".

Possession of the following firefighting equipment is required while traveling except on state highways, county roads and driveways: one axe, on shovel and one gallon of water or 2 1/2 pound or larger fire extinguisher.

Smoking is prohibited while traveling, except in vehicles on improved roads.

Open fires are prohibited, including campfires, charcoal fires, cooking and warming fires. Portable cooking stoves using liquefied or bottled fuels are allowed. Chain saw use is prohibited, between the hours of 1:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M.

Use of fireworks is prohibited

The Klamath River Canyon has been placed under this Regulated Closure do to its lower elevation, drier fuels, and steep terrain. The Klamath-Lake District website [] is available to assist in keeping people informed of current and changing conditions for our area.

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